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Ayurved College

Our Mission

  • To develop globally competitive best practitioners, educationists and socially conscious individuals at Poornayu.
  • To make the institution a center of excellence in the field of Ayurved medical education and practice, as well as to provide systematic, complete and holistic quality health care to all.
  • To follow the authentic principles of Ayurved to spread good health and prosperity around the world.
  • • To explore the extinct medical methods of ancient Ayurved civilization.• To explore and research the knowledge of various traditional systems of medicine as described in Ayurved.
  • To make the currently working medical programs career oriented and responsive keeping in view the demand of the society through integrated method by reviewing and redesigning the curriculum.
  • Successfully executing interventions through progress in training, testing and evaluation.
  • Recognizing the importance of lifelong learning to keep up with new research, innovation.
  • To improve the leadership abilities of the students so that they become professionals in traditional healthcare to meet the demands of the society.
  • To improve the ability to apply evidence-based principles in Ayurveda medicine as well as to develop the ability to practice primary health care.
  • To support the learner in applying the knowledge in clinical experience on day to day practice.
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