पूर्णायु अमृतधारा Poornayu Amrutdhara


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प्रतिश्याय, शिरःशूल, कास, श्वास, स्वरभेद में अत्यंत लाभदायक
Effective in Pratishyaya (cold), Shirahshoola (Headache), Kaasa (cough), Shwaas (breathing disorders), Swarabheda (Hoarseness of voice).


1 से 2 बूंद गर्म पानी में डालकर दिन में 2 बार भाँप लेना अथवा चिकित्सकीय परामर्श अनुसार
Add 1-2 drops in boiling water and inhale the vapour for a few minute. It can also be sprinkled on handkerchief and pillow of affected person during sleep, etc. and inhaled frequently. Store in cool dry place. Keep out of reach from children.

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